…Like the stars that shine from the Heavens, a Godfather’s endless love lights the way for his godchild, as the Lord gives his approval from above. 

You were chosen because of your goodness and too, for your gentle side, but also because our daughter could view you with much love and pride…

“Take my little hand, hold it as I grow. Teach me of his love and all that love bestows. Keep me in your prayers and your tender care. Guide me in my Faith, encourage me to share.”

I need an extra pair of hands to help me learn and grow. I think that yours would be the best, because Mommy and Daddy told me so.

I’m blessed that you’re my Godfather to guide me on my way, and proud that you’re beside me each and every day.

Happy Birthday. 

Photo, Too Much Awesomeness, Copyright, 2012. 

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