For Paddo

Our beloved K9 Paddo…you have touched so many lives and you will live on in our hearts. Officer James Green, Independence Police Department, in honor of Paddo, this one is for you.

Song Credit: “See You Again,” Wiz Khalifa (featuring Charlie Puth)
Photo Credit: BeinLove Creations, the Green family and other friends and loved ones.

Go rest high on that mountain

It is with very heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Paddo. We have loved being a part of your life and you most definitely were loved in ours.



Look at this face ❤️


People ask me why I say I’m a candid photographer…this is why. Looks like this. Moments like this. Happiness in its purest, non-forced form.


Natural Light

People have been asking us why we like shooting outside and what kind of editing software we use, so allow us to explain a little bit more about our photography.

Natural light is amazing! It’s almost always a freebie. And the images are PURE! That’s the best word for it.

When we take pictures we try and maximize the shot from the very beginning. We want to get the real moment. The colors. The faces. The grit. The light. That’s our style.

But…we do have gloomy days and we do shoot indoors sometimes- where light is unpredictable. We don’t always know what lighting we have until we arrive at a photo shoot. So, when we need to adjust the blacks, whites, highlights, shadows and the like on our images we opt for Lightroom Classic, an Adobe editing product.

Clients ask us why we don’t generally use Photoshop- also by Adobe, and the truth is for us, it’s a last resort. We don’t provide heavily edited images. That’s not our style. We want real. We generally don’t need to cut people out of photos or throw overlays into our images (e.g. adding fake bubbles into a bath image).

We hope this update sheds a little light! (No pun intended!)

Note: the images attached to this blog post have no editing at all. This is how we like to take our pictures!